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Dharma Pop!
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This is a community for punkmonks, fans of Stuart Davis.

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Name: Stuart Davis
Birth date: January 11, 1971
Birthplace: Des Moines, IA
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 175
Heritage: Danish
Lineage: Soto-Zen
Teacher: Marcia Davis
Practices: 1 hour meditation (Zazen) daily, exercise 4x week, play hockey, constructing the language of IS, dreaming
Turn-Ons: Awakened-Awareness, catholic school girl outfits, full lips, dark eyes, fearless curiosity, languages, wonder, conviction, integrity, mystery
Turn-Offs: adulation, dogma, reductionistic-flatland postmodern left-brainiacs, greed, fear in all forms which inhibit humanity and its capacity to Love, guns
My Fantasy: When I start to fantasize, I stop/drop it as soon as I see it happening. Isn't the compelling illusion-delusion that we're born, age, and die already a sufficient puppet-show drama?
My Philosophy: Love has no opposite
Years of Daily Zen Meditation: 8
Siblings: 2
Languages Invented: 1
Published Books: 2
Movies in Development: 1

Buddha: "Stuart Davis Live!" means this: one minute you'll be laughing uncontrollably, the next you'll be enrapt in a bizarre monologue on quantum mechanics, and the next you'll be moved by a beautiful song about Spirit. He has been entertaining people like this 100 times a year (in the U.S. and Europe), for over a decade, selling 40,000 albums in the process, and gaining a reputation as one of the most important songwriters in the world today. His 10th release, "Bell" (a concept record about the feminine divine, inspired by his wife and unborn daughter), was produced by Alex Gibson and Tripp Lanier. Stuart lives in Boulder, CO with his wife Marcia, their daughter Arabelle (fresh from the Bardo), and their 150 lb. otter hound Isaac (who Stuart will let you ride for $5.00)

Dharma: If it isn't unique enough to start a Buddhist pop label, and have an artist's producers, staff, and fans record a tribute album to him, Stuart has again procured the services of God to help produce "Bell". The Bodhisattva's Vow (to awaken for the sake of all beings) is the heart of Stuart's life and record label. Succinctly put, Dharma Pop's purpose is to create music that amplifies awareness. The formal elements of these songs (melodies, hooks, rhythms) are a Trojan Horse for sneaking mysticism into mainstream culture.

Sangha: Dharma Pop Records (formerly Post-Apocalyptic Records) was formed in 1998 when Stuart tried to sell his own body parts to fund his 7th album, "Bright Apocalypse". Fans settled for shares in his records instead, and a label was born. Dharma Pop now has a staff of 20 volunteers who participate in everything from management to web-hosting to graphic design, 400 "Punk Monks" (street teams) who help promote concerts by postering, contacting local media and record stores, selling merchandise at shows, etc. and 40 investors whose cash infusions make each new project possible.

Davis Snubs Domestic Car Manufacturers; Buys Accord.
DAVIS CAN'T SPELL DEFINITELY: "I couldn't believe it, he spelled it with an A! Can you believe that, an A?!" says outraged coffeehouse patron.
SCANDAL ABROAD: Davis seen groping Michelangelo's "David". Overheard whispering "Shiver for the Wizard, Dave. Shiver for the Wizard."
"Davis laughs like a girl", observes concertgoer.

"The greatest lyricist I've ever heard."
-Ed Kowalczyk, Lead Singer of Live

"A rare genius. Whatever you do, don't miss his work or his performances."
-Ken Wilber

"Die Uberraschung ist Davis' Ding nicht, dafur die gehorige Packung Solidatat handgemacht und in diesen warmeren Tagen erfrischend wie eine kuhle Brause."
-Dresden Newste Nachrichhn

"Davis's cult like following is something I've never really understood." Music critic